Active Reading Strategies

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ABCs For Active Reading

These active reading strategies come from Tutor Charlotte. Try them with your student this week! Want a PDF? Click here to download the images below.

A: Ask questions

  • Who, What, Where, When, Why, How?
  • Ask your student to make a prediction about what could happen in the story based on the pictures.
  • Ask your student to count the number of objects on the page, e.g., number of fish, cars, people, etc.

B: Build Vocabulary

  • Ask what words mean.
  • Connect words to pictures.
  • Connect new words to words they already know.
  • Look for sight words that your student is working on or pick a word that they need to know such as it, was, am, are, they and read and read that word whenever it appears.
  • Have students identify rhyming words and ask them to think of other words that rhyme with that word.

C: Connect to the Student’s World

  • Ask students what the story makes them think about.
  • Ask the student how they are similar or different from the characters in the story.
  • Ask why characters in the book did what they did and if they have ever made similar choices.
  • Ask students if they could change the story, how would they make it different.


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