Building Connection and Understanding After COVID-19

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Here are some highlights and tips from our January 2021 Lunch & Learn Presentation, Building Connection and Understanding, presented by Jefnah Kamal, LMSW, and Vladimir Sainte, LCSW.

Presentation highlights:

  • COVID 19 has profoundly impacted student learning
  • You can build trust with students by active listening, instilling hope and sharing labeled praise
  • Labeled praise is a specific praise for positive behaviors; praise should describe the behavior, not the child
  • Quote: “Praise our children more than you correct them. Praise them for even their smallest accomplishments.” ― Ezra Taft Benson
  • Promoting resilience in a child helps them manage emotions and influences their choices
  • Consistency is key: Create trusting relationships between you and your student. Create a schedule. Establish expectations. Create a calm learning environment.
  • Strategies to help students develop “inner superpowers” are needed for success

Seven resilience superpowers:

  1. Master your emotions
  2. Defuse super stress
  3. Blast through problems
  4. Defeat self-doubt
  5. Radiate good vibes
  6. Connect like a champion
  7. Kill it with courage

You can view the video of the presentation here.

And, you can view the slides from the presentation here.

Many thanks to everyone who attended the presentation! Thanks also to our co-host, VMLY&R Foundation, and to our presenters, Vladimir and Jefnah.

Jefnah Kamal, LMSW, says, “The ‘Why’ is so important. Why did you decide to join the Lead to Read KC organization? Always look back to your intention, and let that guide you and lead the way. To be a mentor is to be trusted and to influence others by building that trust. I am truly inspired by all of the reading mentors and hearing their ‘Whys’ of joining and committing to the Lead to Read KC program,”

Vladimir Sainte, LCSW, says, “Children are missing out on one of the natural attributes of humanity due to the pandemic, which is connection. As a mentor your superpower to engage, listen, and understand provides children with the space they need to become literacy champions. Even if it feels as if you are not making an impact in the moment, just showing up and being present builds trust and consistency.”

Vladimir Sainte and Jefnah Kamal present on Building Connection at Lead to Read KC’s Virtual Lunch & Learn.


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