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Lead to Read KC offers so many different opportunities for volunteers and Laura Logan has made the most of them all. She started as a Reading Mentor in 2018 after hearing about the program through her job at Hallmark and over the past six years she has added book distribution and community outreach to her schedule.

Between reading at Hale Cook Elementary on Tuesdays, staffing Lead to Read KC community events in the evenings, and delivering books to Reading Is Everywhere (RIE) locations on the weekends, we asked her how she fits it all in.

“Community service is needed around the clock, so you just have to think through what will work in your current situation,” Logan advises. Years ago when her three kids were just beginning elementary school, a co-worker who was a full-time working mom shared that she always chose volunteer activities that could be done with her children or while they were at school. “Her suggestion really stuck with me. It doesn’t take any time away from my kids to be a Reading Mentor and the one-lunch-hour-a-week time commitment seemed like something I could handle.”

Laura and her family have been delivering books for the RIE program once a month. They also are able to work a few community events together and it’s been fun and rewarding seeing firsthand the faces of those who benefit from the program. “The people who receive the free books are so happy and kind,” she said. “Also, my teenagers are busy so it’s a great excuse to spend time with them…and have them see different parts and people around the city.”

Like so many of our Reading Mentors, Logan loved reading with her kids when they were little and missed it when they got older. From the different students she’s been paired with over the years, she has great recommendations for new volunteers. In working with a few students who were behind, she realized sometimes taking a step back helps to figure out where they are with their reading. “If they aren’t proficient, start with recognizing letters. Do they like seeing and sounding out sight words? Introduce beginner words and ask your Site Coordinator for new cards or lists as you make progress.”

One of her favorite things about being a part of Lead to Read KC is getting to know each reading buddy. “It’s really fun and it’s neat to see them grow as readers.”

Can you volunteer a few hours to Lead to Read KC? Your time can make a big difference in the community. Get more information or apply today.


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