Connections Matter: Building Strong Relationships

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Helping Reading Mentors build strong relationships with students is central to Lead to Read KC’s mission to support the social, emotional and reading skills that are foundational for student success.

As a follow up to Connections Matter, our September 2021 Lunch & Learn presented by Rachelle Soden of the Kansas Children’s Service League, here are some key takeaways:

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) adversely affect brain development and increase risk for poor social outcomes, disease and death
  • Caring connections—such as those made in Lead to Read KC—serve as a primary buffer in the negative effects of trauma
  • The little things we do to connect make a big difference
  • Children who have strong relationships with caring adults are more likely to succeed academically
  • Lots of different relationships help our brains to thrive in good times and get through tough times—and adults can keep adding connections, too
  • Resilience is a skill that can be taught, learned and practiced
  • Communities working together to build relationships and resilience have lower rates of childhood trauma and health problems in the next generation

Add it all up, and it’s clear: Positive relationships with caring adults can change a child’s life.

Many thanks to everyone who attended the training! What a great turnout! And, special thanks to our presenter, Rachelle Soden!

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