Coping Through Reading

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“The child that is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel it’s warmth.” African Proverb

As I reflect on the recent tragedy following the Super Bowl parade, this quote comes to mind. I am also thinking about all of the little people, and how their brains may be processing what happened. During these difficult times, I can’t think of a better idea than to cuddle up with your kiddos and read. Yes, even the really big ones! It’s during these times that they need us the most.

Lead to Read KC offers the following books that help students speak to their feelings, emotions and may be a gateway to help connect and open hard conversations. These authors are partners in our Reading For Life program and include Animal Movements by Stori & Tony Temple, The Thought Jar by Nikiyah Crosdale, We’re All Weird by Kristen Heath and Just Like a Hero, It Will Be Okay and Making Mistakes, all written by Vladimir Sainte, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and crisis clinician.

The past 48 hours have been tough. I am proud of the way the Kansas City community has come together to provide resources and support. One of those is the #KCStrong Fund, a partnership between the United Way of Greater Kansas City and the Chiefs to raise funds to support victims, first responders and mental health support services. I am sure you will join me in thinking about how you can help We are definitely Kansas City Strong!

In closing, I hope you are celebrating Black History Month with a new book, experience or activity. As always, we welcome your ideas. Let us know how we might be able to support you and your family on this wonderful journey of reading.

Terri E. Barnes
Interim Executive Director
Lead to Read KC


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